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Preserving value through inspection and maintenance. 

About Us

Bratcher Services LLC was created in September of 2017 as a handyman and property maintenance company.  In over 20 years of experience in building and working on homes we Identified a flaw.  There is a complacency in regards to home inspections and maintenance. There is a misconception that after your pre-purchase inspection there is no need to have a home inspection again.  If you never took your car to your mechanic for routine maintenance and inspections how often would you find yourself broken down on the side of the road?  We believe this is applicable to your home too.  We offer a no obligation discounted home inspection.  And in conjunction with the inspection we offer home maintenance subscription plans.  This will help you budget for any needed repairs and those unexpected repairs or improvements that your planning.  As we continued to provide a quality service for a fair price business will continue to grow as will our services. 


It is our goal to provide a quality service, one that we can believe in, for a fair price.


We believe it is a benefit to a home owner to have a home maintenance company that knows your property. This can aid in the prevention of costly repairs with preventative maintenance.   With our subscription based Maintenance plans we can do just that.  We have plans for residential home owners, commercial businesses and landlords.  Our plans help you keep tabs on the "heartbeat" of your property.  With email reminders of seasonal tasks that should be completed, you can choose to do them yourself, or schedule a technician to come and take care of it for you... along with that "honey do" list that's been piling up. 

The average monthly cost of repairs and maintenance per home in 2017 was $168.  It is our goal to help you keep that as low as possible.  With our subscription based system it makes it easier to budget for those day to day repairs and upgrades.  While having a trusted professional to consult when something bigger comes along.  We have always operated with a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  Our communication channels are always open—we want to know how to serve you better.


Get in touch today, and discover the advantage of working with Bratcher Services LLC.


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